Number Three – 2nd rent house

I left the rent house with the existing darkroom after living there only two years.  It was another five years before moving back into a house where I could attempt a real darkroom again.  During that time, I did more bath or kitchen work.  I also got married.  Shortly after getting married, we moved into a rent house that had a storage shed built off of the carport.  Not having that much to store, it was destined to become a darkroom.

I built work surfaces out of cheap particle board and two-by-fours, but then went to the trouble of putting multiple coats of polyurethane on them to make them waterproof.  For a sink, I bought one of those plastic utility laundry sinks.  Plumbing was supplied by a garden hose from the outside and a drain that emptied onto the grass in the yard.  Not ideal, but it was the only solution I knew how to engineer at the time.

Once again, a second hand window AC unit came into play.  The shed had two doors, so I framed one up as a wall, with the AC unit installed in the wall.  Almost everything was made to be reversible so that when we moved out, there would be no problems.  I even reinstalled the second door.  However, the shed was much cleaner when we left, and now had nice paneling on the walls, so the landlady complemented us on “improving” the storage shed.

No pictures of this darkroom exist. It was not used much, since almost immediately after being completed, I was asked to design a darkroom for my employer, and became a darkroom technician for the company.  I spent so much time in the company darkroom, that the home one hardly ever got used.  We also bought our own house after a couple of years.  But that house never had a darkroom, since I had one “at work”. (See the next essay: Number Four)