Darkroom Equipment

I learned long ago that the overwhelming majority of people, even those interested in one’s photographs, really don’t care what film/camera/developer/paper one uses.  However, other photographers occasionally do.  So, here is the equipment list for my darkroom.


  • Beseler 45 with Dichro 45S head
  • Beseler 45 with standard condenser head


  •  EL Nikkor: 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 105mm and 150mm.


  • RH Designs Stopclock for enlarging (configured to run either enlarger at the flip of a switch)
  • Spiratone Darkroom Director for print processing
  • GraLab 300’s for film processing


  • 11×14 Saunders, 16×20 Saunders
  • Ganz Speed Ez-Els: 4×5 through 16×20


• multiple Kodak models A, B and D,  – all with “OC” filters, plus two red LED bulbs  (all properly tested to be “safe”)


• 8 foot and 6 foot Delta 1

Print processing in trays: 8×10 – 16×20.

  • 10×12 Patterson print washer
  • 11×14 Versalab print washer
  • 16×20 tray-type print washer

• Film processing in standard stainless steel tanks and reels – various brands.

• Gravity Works film washer.


  • Central HVAC (part of the house system)
  • Ceiling fan.
  • Stereo with am/fm, CD player.
  • Microwave oven (heating water, chemicals and drying test strips)
  • Small “dorm” refridgerator (film and chilled water for tempering chemicals)