I have  50+ years of experience in many phases of photography.  Although I have made some money with photography and I do consider my skills to be at a professional level (I have, at times, been a wedding and commercial photographer, a darkroom technician, and a teacher), I consider myself an amateur, and wear that label with pride.

I am proficient with both film and digital processes. While I have historically preferred black and white film and the darkroom for monochrome images, all color work and some recent monochrome is created and printed with digital methods.

After a lifetime of landscapes, architectural and documentary work, I wish to make more photographs that I first “see” in my mind, rather than capturing a scene that I encounter. As part of that process, I’ve moved into the studio, experimenting with still life, macro, and small abstract setups.  I believe that one must never stop learning and moving forward!

Select Exhibitions:

  • LIGHT, Dallas Center for Photography , (3rd place in juried exhibition), June 2021
  • Dallas Center for Photography, February 2020
  • Goldmark Cultural Center, Dallas, October 2019
  • East Texas Pipe Organ Festival Archives, Kilgore, Texas, November 2014, March 2015, November 2015
  • SILVER, Jeanette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas, 2014
  • Cathedral of Saint Matthew, Dallas, 2010
  • Jeanette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas, 2009
  • Texas Tech University School of Architecture, 2009 (with lecture presentation)
  • Abilene Camera Club, 2008 (with lecture presentation)
  • University of North Texas, 2007


Lectures, workshops, and publications:

  • Insights, El Paso, lecture (via Zoom) May 2021
  • The Roy Perry American Classic Organ Foundation, CD cover and liner notes photographs, 2020
  • Dallas Center for Photography, Darkroom Workshops 2016-2019
  • The American Organist, March 2019, magazine article illustrations
  • Texas Museum of Broadcasting and Communications, lecture and slideshow, May 2018
  • Trinity Arts Photo Club, Bedford, lecture, April 2017
  • The Chautauqua Festival, Longview, lecture and slideshow, April 2017
  • IN Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015, magazine article illustrations
  • An American Classic (book), October 2015
  • Yearbook of the Film and Darkroom User Forum (England) 2015
  • Yearbook of the Film and Darkroom User Forum (England) 2014