Cameras, film, & digital processing


I own a large number of cameras, but these are the ones I use regularly.  (They are tools)

  • Mamiya RB67
  • Mamiya C220
  • Minolta Maxxum 7
  • Sony a850
  • Panasonic Lumix GX85

I also have a Lumix LX7, Mamiya M645 system, manual focus Minolta and Pentax 35mm gear, plus all the cameras that people give me.  And the iPhone …


Currently, it’s mostly the Ilford Deltas and Kodak Tri-X.

Over the years, I’ve used most of what Kodak made:

  • Tri-X,
  • TMax,
  • Ektachrome,
  • Panatomic-X*,
  • Plus-X*,
  • Verichrome Pan*,
  • High Contrast Copy Film*,
  • Kodacolor*,
  • Vericolor*,
  • Kodachrome*

* no longer made

and some I can’t remember.  

There’s Fuji and Ilford in the mix, too.



I use a Sony a850 full frame camera as my “serious” digital platform.  It was purchased to take advantage of my inventory of Minolta autofocus lenses (for the Maxxum 7) rather than starting from scratch with a system that would require lens purchases as well.

Not long after acquiring the Sony, I purchased a Panasonic Lumix LX7, after seeing the results from a number of colleagues with similar cameras.  I was mistaken in thinking the LX7 was a micro 4/3 camera, but it has, in fact, a smaller sensor.  (It is none-the-less a capable camera.)  More recently, I got a Lumix GX85, a true Micro 4/3, and with interchangeable lenses.  It is getting used more and more and has become my travel camera.

“Processing” of digital files is done with Photoshop CC.  Printing is with a Canon Pro-100, or sent out to a commercial lab.

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